Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Qvod Cache !mv files to rmvb ( Qvod快播(安卓)下载文件(!mv)合并方法)

If you have been using Andriod Qvod player, you will be a little bit frustrated if you want to move the downloaded file from your phone to a computer or other media player.

Qvod is a very fantastic application in Andriod which allows you to download Peer to Peer files very easily.

While there are a lot of Qvod cacher conversion program in the internet, you do not know if they are malware or contains virus.

I written this simple batch file in dos format, the key thing it is doing is to extract the number in the middle of the cache file name, expand that with leading zeros so that the system can sort the file names accordingly.

-----------Start of qvod.bat--------------
ren *.!mv *.

for /f "tokens=1,2 delims=_ " %%i in ('dir/b') do (


set ttt=000000000%%j
set ttt=!ttt:~-5!
ren %%i_%%j !ttt!.rmv


set tttt=copy/b
for /f %%u in ('dir/b *.rmv') do (
set tttt=!tttt! %%u +

%tttt:~0,-1% result.rmvb

-----------End of qvod.bat--------------

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