Sunday, December 26, 2010

How to convert a DVD to MP4 for used on Satio using script

Step 1: Download the Smartripper software and ffmpeg software

Step 2:  You can use this command line option to extract your DVD and this will create one .vob file for each chapter.

smartripper -Cs "D:Video*" "D:Audio English AC3(6Ch) 48kHz" -Co "c:\videos\" -Cr -Cf -Cq  -Sk 3 -Sf 2 -So d

You can specify the output directory by replacing "c:\videos" with any destination you would like to see your vob file.

Step 3: Once the ripping is completed, you can use ffmpeg command line below to convert the vob file into mp4 files which are suitable for Satio used.

c:\ffmpeg\bin\ffmpeg.exe  -i %1 -s 640x360 -acodec aac -strict experimental -ar 44100 -ab 128k -vcodec mpeg4  -f mp4 %2

%1 is the location for your .vob files just generated
%2 is the name of the mp4 you would like to create

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